Permanent Lash Line Enhancement

Soft and beautiful eyeliner. Creates the mix of a liner with a smooth transition to a shadow. Usually includes a shading of 2-3 colors to create eyeshadow effect.
Last up to 3-4 years.
Touch up not included.

How to prepare for your permanent lash liner procedure?

No lash serums! This is crucial! Lash serums can make your eyelids super sensitive and skin thinner so it will cause procedure complications.
No lash lift at least 2 weeks prior procedure.
If you wear contacts please bring glasses with you. You will have to avoid lenses for about a week.
No lash extensions. Make sure to remove them at least 2 weeks prior procedure. Skin needs to be calmed down.

What are
for a permanent makeup?

Ongoing treatment for oncology
Problems with blood clotting
Ongoing inflammation
Taking blood-thinning drugs
Skin diseases
Allergy to anaesthetic
Keloid scars and prone to keloids
Diabetes ( on insulin)
Alcohol and drug intoxication
Serious pathologies of cardiac activity
Mental illness, epilepsy
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