Permanent Lipstick Effect

Lipstick effect technique is a little bit more saturated look. Suits every type of lips. Beneficial to any age. Can help to correct asymmetry, discoloration, define or correct the shape.
Last up to 1,5-2 years.
Touch up not included.

How to prepare for your lip procedure?

If you are prone to get cold sores you will have to have your doctor prescription for anti viral medication and start taking it before appointment.
No lip fillers 4 months prior procedure.
Stop using retinol products at least 3 weeks before appointment.
2 days before your appointment do a lip scrub. Exfoliate gently and then until coming to your appointment use a lip balm. Your lips need to be soft.
No micro needling, peels, facials 3-4 weeks prior procedure.
Bring your favorite lipstick with you, so we can figure out what colors to mix.

What are
for a permanent makeup?

Ongoing treatment for oncology
Problems with blood clotting
Ongoing inflammation
Taking blood-thinning drugs
Skin diseases
Allergy to anaesthetic
Keloid scars and prone to keloids
Diabetes ( on insulin)
Alcohol and drug intoxication
Serious pathologies of cardiac activity
Mental illness, epilepsy
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