Nano strokes Brows

There are clients that has a very visible loss of hair on brows. Either partially loss like half of the brow or visible sparse spots. Nano strokes technique will work wonders here because it can fill in the gapes giving more volume to the brows
If you just want a little fuller look of your brows without a makeup look - nano strokes will be great idea as well!
Last up to 1,5-2 years.
Touch up not included.
Creating imitation of a brow hair
So much safer than microblading!!!

How to prepare for your Nano strokes brows procedure?

No micro needling, peels, facials 3-4 weeks prior procedure
Stop using retinol products at least 3 weeks before appointment
Don’t shave or pluck your brows (we will figure out your shape during your appointment)
No Botox injections 4 weeks before your appointment

No blood thinners at least 2 weeks prior procedure
No alcohol 24 hours prior procedure
No coffee before procedure

What are
for a permanent makeup?

Ongoing treatment for oncology
Problems with blood clotting
Ongoing inflammation
Taking blood-thinning drugs
Skin diseases
Allergy to anaesthetic
Keloid scars and prone to keloids
Diabetes ( on insulin)
Alcohol and drug intoxication
Serious pathologies of cardiac activity
Mental illness, epilepsy
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